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Robin Li, Baidu does not exist most worried about exposure

"Last year, the third and fourth quarter, Baidu has been affected." Baidu CEO Robin Li said this afternoon in Changsha, the financial crisis after the arrival of part of Baidu despite reduced revenue, but still maintained a growth momentum. When the crisis came, many enterprises do not know how to do, to stop a lot of marketing activities, but after the Spring Festival, these companies began looking for new solutions. This time, they found that the Internet is a good marketing approach, and therefore the impact on Baidu smaller.

Baidu first quarter operating income of 8 billion

An increase of 41.1%

Baidu's earnings report just released also shows the same problem. The company's first quarter operating income of 810.7 million yuan, up 41.1%, net profit of 181.1 million yuan, up 23.5%. "The current uncertain economic environment, Baidu paid by results reflected the advantages of marketing platform, Baidu is still the global financial crisis is expected to grow over the root causes." He also said that the Internet is to enhance the human nature of the work efficiency and life, "the crisis may have passed, and perhaps three to five years to the past", this is not the most important, it is important how we can better face the crisis.

"3G has finally arrived, wireless Internet users will more and faster Internet access, tariffs will be cheaper, it will be time and opportunity to access the Internet more than ever before, which the Internet is a good opportunity." Robin Li said that the Internet there will be many new opportunities for development. Baidu has a very dedicated team of research, wireless Internet will bring to people, people using the Internet habits of what changes occur, Baidu will address these changes to introduce new products.

The biggest setback since birth:

American professors have asked the Chinese computer

In addition to enthusiastic about the financial crisis and 3G, Changsha, said Robin Li is also a lot of little-known secret. He was at university, was in his native Shanxi Yangquan station sold popsicles; on the fifth grade, when he had to score a good female students wrote a class paper; he is not a bad thing that spoiled child, the key is have their own goals; he even said that the United States read a computer professional, would like to report a professor of graduate students. Professor interview him, but China has not asked him a computer. This sentence so that he was injured, "is the biggest setback suffered since birth," Professor felt looked down upon him, and also look down on China.

There are hundreds of millions of users use Baidu, more than 7,000 employees to eat more and more responsibility, successful adults, said Robin Li: Baidu only hope to do better, so more and more people recognized Baidu, "the most worried about is: Baidu gone a month later. " Reporter Jun Lu

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Free high voice on "desktop" open source enclosure busy

On the 29th evening, and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth (hereinafter referred to as Mark) The latest MSN conversation, Mark told reporter, the latest version is well with Ubuntu9.10 Windows7 in Internet and mobile terminal market this one higher under preparation, "the relevant OEM manufacturers have been cut into, and the secondary development on the Ubuntu strategic agreements reached can be clear that in Europe and North America, our strategic OEM partners have reached more than 20. "But the specific details of the cooperation of members and co-operation, Mark refused to disclose.

"Everything in advance, we can not eat not from Microsoft in the personal desktop high-end market, but the next wave in mobile Internet, mobile portable terminal of the game has shifted significantly. Windows7, compared with previous versions, performance a a very large increase, which would like to congratulate Microsoft made the product so much progress. But as far as I know, Windows7 will include several different versions of the hardware's power consumption due to high demand, in the Internet the other portable terminal on Windows7 will be unable to provide customer satisfaction. with contrast, Ubuntu9.04 version will be online this is a full-featured version, customers can use a variety of office suite, in the global economic downturn , the leading open source desktop, hold the price competitiveness. so that there would be some competition. "Mark is definitely on the IDG, told reporters.

Free desktop back?

15 years, stumbled in the open source operating system, why does it so confident? This from an incident in July of this year talking about. July 22, the United States open grand coalition (OSA, Open Source for America) in North America announced. The famous AMD, Canonical, Debian, GNOME, Google, Linux Foundation, Mozilla, Novell, Oracle and Red Hat are all deep in his column. In the OSA's Q & A document, OSA clear that, OSA does not require the U.S. government preference (ie, preferential policies to) the open-source software, but only asked the government on the basis of equality, consider open source software and proprietary software. This is in fact a reflection of the economic crisis in the context of high commercial software purchases shrinking face a huge embarrassment, even a leader in business software, Oracle (a classical company) can not avoid embarrassment.

Since 2006, as in the server market, easier to make money, so most Linux distributors on individual consumers "turn a blind eye." And consumers to re-build their own operating systems usually have no interest in buying computer can be "free" access to pre-installed Windows operating system for consumers, to understand the fanaticism, religious of the "free spirit" indeed bite the bullet. In fact, the average consumer is not advocating freedom, more freedom they are willing to share, exchange and experience in providing this free community to contribute. Right now, Internet-based production methods, consumers should have one vote each hand, centralized production began more and more demand and interactive features. Consumers free, personalized electronic products opened a software development keen to announce a prelude to 2.0 times. At this point, the open source community, how to develop the freedom of steering consumers the freedom to shift from the technical experts of the community of civilians community, how to use the community to re-embrace the personal consumption users, will determine the future of open source.

At the same time, commercial desktops giant Microsoft, it seems not unreasonable to some. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 will be the future for netbooks (Netbook) launched Starter version. In addition to the legendary Starter version can only run three programs of limitations, many interface landscaping, personal settings and network settings such functions will also be significantly shielded. This will undoubtedly lead to the downstream business alliance dissatisfaction. In April of this year, Acer's vice president of product marketing, says that, Acer is studying the future of products allowed to pre-installed Windows 7 Starter. He said: "The Starter Edition of Windows 7 pre-installed may make a new version of Internet systems and the use of updated prices did not change, but the normal user if you want to spend a little extra to Windows 7 or be paid. In the basic version the user to make a lot of restrictions on the use of disguise so that consumers actually pay for an additional premium version of Windows, this is still a violation of the Internet the main low-cost strategy. "

Similarly, Microsoft's old partner Intel also began growing differences with Windows 7. In an investor conference a while ago, Intel CEO Paul Otellini even said that Microsoft's strategy will face a host of difficult problem to solve. In fact, Intel is now trying hard to promote a system called Moblin development. The main positioning Moblin as cheap and powerful access the operating system. As the Moblin-based Linux, Windows in terms of cost, compared with great advantage. Also can not forget Google's Android open source operating system advocacy, it is also open source platform based on Linux kernel, Linux provides a system dependent on core services, the existing range of software engineers have been quick to join Android development camp, from the beginning smartphones, Android also has the fighting spread to the Internet in this market.

Internet access for the future struggle of the operating system, Linux Foundation (Linux Foundation), chief adviser Jim said that Microsoft is facing unprecedented challenges. In fact Microsoft's second quarter earnings this year's sharp drop also confirms this trend, open source desktop has not only cost advantages, and features all the major open source companies according to their need to modify the system, while modify the system kernel was one of Microsoft's defined as top secret.

Tantalizing "soft" banquet

Can not conclude that open source will lead a new trend, but can determine that the open source opportunities in the mobile Internet era has come.

First of all, happy cheering on the open source software is designed handset ODM business, open source operating system, many commercial software will reduce a lot of added value, because a lot of free software will continue to flood into mobile phones, which allow phones to be more flexible , but also greatly reduces the cost of customized mobile phones. Enterprise open source operating system design provides a great convenience, to help companies be more based on the specific platform software development targeted to improve the performance of mobile phones, and can provide the basis of the operating system more flexible and diverse different design. ABI Research market research firm recently pointed out that the 2013 global mobile network equipment (Mobile Internet Devices, MID) shipments will reach 50 million units, while the market is dominated by the open source operating system. ABI Research believe that, MID market will be the first truly all mobile operating systems at the same starting line of the platform, which get rid of the smart phone market in the historical burden, so that the open source operating system to get the majority of market share rate, which will undoubtedly open source application under the mobile device to win a broad market space.

There also feel encouraged by the hardware chip business, after all, with the operating system and hardware providers to end chips is very important to most of the current terminal core chip to chip-based general-purpose, it is difficult for each operating system software are reasonable development of optimization, can only choose some settings. The complexity of the commercial operating system, hardware makers will undoubtedly have to adapt to more access to different software design, which increases the cost of the hardware vendors and development difficult. Increasingly popular in the Internet the end of today, the demand for terminal hardware integration in the raise, the terminal hardware and software integration and effective coordination of help to improve the overall performance of mobile terminals. Therefore, the open-source operating system, chip manufacturers can centralize, focus on a particular system is optimized to exploit the advantages of using software hardware for maximum effect. If this system is open source, then the hardware vendors get the play space is greater, because the hardware such as highways, software such as cars, as high-speed ride should be coordination between the two can be said, from the perspective of hardware development, specific software applications for the effective optimization of hardware can indeed improve the performance certain.

Mobile computing has become the breakthrough open source operating system, which has been a general consensus. Some of the radical open-source community is shown full confidence: "Linux server and desktop in the traditional area has reached saturation, particularly in the desktop market, Linux is clearly want to have explosive growth is unrealistic. And In the mobile device market is different, because this market is not mature enough yet, Linux is very explosive growth potential. especially with the emergence of new mobile devices, Linux show a strong advantage of custom. "when Intel plans to start Moblin the time, and Red Flag in the Asia-Pacific Region to launch 浜?MID platform of Midinux specific operating system, as one of the Linux Caozuoxitong Chang Shang Chuan Tong, Red Flag Xiangguanrenshi said, Sui Zhao MID Ye Wu's conduct, Jinnian in Midinux Caozuo System revenue is expected to exceed the income of the server and desktop side, thus we can see that the traditional desktop, mobile computing, Linux tremendous impact and opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that, along with a number of "small computers" development, Flash software has ushered in new opportunities, France, Mandriva has released since the launch of U disk, Ubuntu also introduced a SD memory card, which will be Linux operating system pre-installed into the flash memory, the user need only insert a U disk or SD card, you can immediately use the pre-installed Linux operating system on it, and many open source applications. Can be expected, with the continuous development of portable computers, flash memory will become a new medium of open source software.

Desktop innovative leader who is?

Actively promote the development of Ubuntu landing in China, the China Open Source Promotion Union Yuan Meng, Deputy Secretary of the account put forward a very interesting idea: "At present, the desktop (Desktop) innovation, as technology race (as if racing), ongoing (ing), to watch the audience around a lot. a start, Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows 7 debut, many people regard him bet on Windows 7. The result? "

Previously, people have great expectations for the Windows 7, including the biggest names in media, "PC World", because, Windows 7 definitely run faster than Vista. In fact in terms of speed, Vista is too fat, not run, but Ubuntu, this is not a trade secret. May 6, "PC World" published the results of a test, stunned the world audience. The biggest names in world media, in their "Test Center" which, using test kits WorldBench 6, on Windows 7 and Vista rigorous test of the results was found: the former better than that of the latter number, not the average user not found. The results 1, IT industry uproar. Yuan Meng of the person under test, the Ubuntu 9.04 version, the launch speed than the 8.10 version of the reduction of 1 / 3 (only 20 seconds), loaded into memory to reduce the actual capacity 1 / 3 (just 98MB). "This improvement, I have the distinct feeling, because the two versions I used in the exchange (with self-starting U disk)." Yuan Meng told reporters.

The Ubuntu founder Mark is not only considered the Ubuntu speed, the face of open source innovation, and Mark think of more products in the era of personalized search for strategic cooperation. "Current desktop application software than Web-based software to more, but as time goes by, the advantages of the former will gradually disappear. For the open-source, the next exciting stage, these Web-based applications will enable interaction and data sharing, and become (which developers design more software) operating platform. With the application of these networks began to exchange, open source development will be more interesting things, I know that a large number of Intel Hardware companies are very interested in this. "

According to Mark's introduction, Intel is looking for emerging markets, demand for semiconductor industry growth to avoid stagnation. "The rise of the Internet will not reduce the end-consumer demand, but will stimulate market growth, Intel MID for Yidongjisuan released under the amount of product Pianshi a gold mine of its bullish." We Xianzai published online Ben control system is currently Tigong support on mobile terminal, and then will be the support for the MID, which is consistent with the strategy to Intel. Will later enter the Ubuntu MID and smartphone market. We will work closely with Intel on Intel's Moblin MID platform solution to optimize, probably next year, you can see related products. "Mark said.


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"Sacred 2 Fallen Angel," Raiders special mounts detailed process

Task Location: Orc path with archaeologists in understanding the exclusive limousine business.

Task Difficulty: Medium

Task People: archaeologists sister, archaeologist.

Task Location: Orc path of the town, northwest of human districts.

Prerequisite tasks: None

Follow-up task: None

Task reward: the role of exclusive limousine

Tip: Pictures can click to enlarge yo

Task flow chart:

Click to view larger image

1: find the archaeologist's sister and agreed to her request.

2: Orc path of Wuertake to the courage, the west and find the lost archaeologists.

3: accept the loss of the archaeologist's task and find the missing mount island map.

4: the sharp peak in the vicinity of the northwest to find the missing map.

5: pick up the map and return to the archaeologists Department.

6: to the north Wuertake archaeologists Bay boat captain Department to mount the island.

7: Island Hugard dialogue with the horse trials receive the task.

8: to the west of the island to kill defeat 25 Test Series # 149 Enemies.

9: Return Hugard Department to receive the next trials.

10: to the west of the island to kill defeat 12 Test Series # 3581 Enemies..

11: Back Hugard Department to receive the next trials.

12: to the west of the island to kill defeat 8 Test Series # 1802 Enemies..

13: Back to cross and receive the reward Hugard Department.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Detailed process:

Archaeologists find sister

Kids make fun of your horse? Want a docile beast sit it? Do not hesitate to friends, according to the following steps to mount the island it! Makes way for the start of a path in the orc town. You will encounter an archaeologist's sister, her distribution of the golden glory of her very special!

Note: Orc path is the first giant BOSS Bengal town before the child.

Is that girl! Archaeologists sister. She will begin the journey leading to the island mount.

She wants you to find her depressed brother archaeologists to learn more about exclusive mount message.

Archaeologist with the Lost Dialogue

Orc path to, and Wuertake courage, east and you will find him there, sitting in the second building the wall on the grass.

And talk to him and promised his request.

Archaeologists tell you he has a map of the island horse lost. According to the game of the compass and map small map it's easy to find. You can follow the orange dotted line to go along.

You will be left in the road map found on the ground, carefully guarded by the enemy: some animals, human and goblin.

You found a map! Now backtrack along the archaeologists there. Under the guidance of the road map, step 3. (Pink dotted line). The good news waiting for you.

Step 4 (the blue route guide map) to the Wuertake courage Bay left the town in Urthak s Moxie shore. Master will wait for the ship's side, ready to take you to mount the island. Your compass will point to the island, and now you have opened the port of the island mount.

In the limousine on the island met Hugard

The first is the island is called Ogre Hugard. Hugard is the custodian of these special mounts. Hugard players through a series of trials needed to ensure eligibility to purchase special mounts. Trials of the monster energy variation of some bio-T. Please ensure that your magic resistance is high enough. Because they are elemental damage. A total of three trials done.

Monster Figure

Monster Figure

Monster Figure

The completion of all three Hugard's request, he will give you a reward, finally ... get exclusive mounts! Hugard now selling a horse, and willing to sell their horse to the best dedicated heroes like you.


You need gold to buy mounts him, there are several different attributes of mount option. Recommendations based on your specialization in the combat skills to choose the horse, so that the properties of horse waste. In the later game time, you can mount at any time to return the island to find Hugard to buy a new mount. Price level and the property under the horse may be.

Exclusive occupation mounts:

Seraphim: saber-toothed tiger

Shadow Warrior: Cerberus

Forest Goddess: monitor lizard

High Wizard: Wind serpent

Trial by: Spider shelter

Temple Guard: Mobile wheel

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Teach you to manually remove Angola variants

Windows XP users turn off System Restore

Step one, use the device into the procedures of the end of the virus in the process of

Right-click the task bar, pop-up menu, select "Task Manager", bring up "Windows Task Manager" window. In Task Manager, click the "processes" tab, find the virus in the case of the table column process "irun4.exe", click "End Process button", click "Yes" to end the virus processes, and then close the "Windows Task Manager devices ";

Step two, find and delete the virus program

Through the "My Computer" or "Explorer" into the system directory (WinntSystem32 or WindowsSystem32), locate the file "irun4.exe" delete it. Note that the content of emptying the Recycle Bin;

Step 3, remove the virus in the registry to add the item

Open the Registry Editor: Click Start> Run, type REGEDIT, press Enter; in the left panel, double-click (press the arrow in order to find, locate and double-click): "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Run" " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> RunServices "in the right panel, locate and delete the following item:" Enabledcom "=" irun4.exe ", close the Registry Editor.

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Different opinions

"3G will lead to economic disaster" arguments, mainly around the three areas: market demand, investment orientation and development across 3G 4G. The so-called "unknown reason do not argue, do not speak clear feeling." Academic nature should view this debate out of a 3 level and length.

On Demand

Kan Kaili view:

"In our country, should not be on 3G, the most important issues which demand is a serious shortage of 3G, which has been fully proved by the fact that many domestic and foreign."

"In the U.S., the European 3G operators in more than 80% of revenue still comes from voice and 99% of businesses can be completed by the 2G systems, resulting in the loss of 3G operators. In China, Unicom's CDMA1X international 灏辨槸 3G system provides almost all the 3G services, but demand is very small, is also a serious loss. "

Rebuttal comments:

"Communication World" director and editor in chief of items Li Gang: "3G is a completely new technology, 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G with essential difference. China's first time on communication, a mobile phone of a 20 000 dollars, many people that there is no market, but the market is changing, the network price is now down more than 10 times the phone fell to 1,000 yuan. If in 2006 on 3G, with the present level of income, now 3G terminal price will still be people that do not market However, the 3G market in 2006 will certainly be change. "

MII telecom expert Dr. Chen Kai: "3G is a market, but also on many other factors, such as business rates, mobile phone prices, the user's level of education, the region's economic development level. From the current status of mobile development is not difficult to analyze, some developed regions, high-end users, fashion people in need on the 3G is in the affirmative. Therefore, can not simply say yes or no demand for 3G. "

Tsinghua University Professor Gao Xudong: "I think there is definitely a demand, the key is the size of the problems and needs time. From the world's development, the demand for 3G is not the original thought is good, but in Japan, South Korea also has a good of development. "

Investment of

Kan Kaili view:

"Insufficient demand will bring serious loss of carriers, which in China's telecommunications industry is an indisputable consensus. 3G operators around the world situation is still serious losses, the profitability of 3G in China will be even more remote, and even its survival are worrying. "

"Therefore, we must seriously consider the urgent need to promote our country and certainly not a serious loss of 3G, will be put into this 600 billion pairs of China mean? This has not only economic, but political issues, is to not on the fundamental interests of broad masses of people responsible principles. "

Rebuttal comments:

School of Economics and Management Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor Lv Tingjie: Over the past two years, China's telecommunications network investment is 200 billion yuan on average, the money sooner or later to vote, a loss is hard to say. "Technology is the engine of the economy, any advances in technology will not lead to economic disaster. In Western countries, whether the moon program, or a planet program, it is by constantly introducing new technologies to promote industrial development. on 3G, also have this meaning. "

CATR, deputy chief engineer Yang Peifang: "3G operators will operate short-term risk. The industry that goes: 'the new technology is to court death, not a new technology is to die.' But the court death there is a chance, If the die is 100 percent dead. "

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor of Economics and Management, Competitiveness and the IT Centre for Economic Research has Jian-qiu: "3G is the national strategic needs, whether China's economic development or promote the industry chain, there has been immeasurable effect This is not how much money to use the investment evaluation. "

Ericsson Greater China, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Strategic Planning Lu Yong: "3G is a multiplier of national economy. The new 3G 'Ecosystem' involved in many aspects of the economy than just the value generated in the telecommunications industry, much more . "

Date of

Kan Kaili view:

"3G at the moment, is already an obsolete technology, totally should be to all IP wireless broadband networks to develop, transition, now more than 40 countries and regions are changing. All IP can replace 3G, and more than 3G has a much higher cost. "

Rebuttal comments:

Ministry of Information Communication Technology Committee members, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Song Junde: "I do not agree beyond 3G. From the theory, practice up analysis, I think that 3G is not a disaster. 3G is not beyond stage one, can not look to the mobile communication Generation 5. So I feel a bit anxious, Professor Kan. I found, against 3G, and regarded WiMAX expectations set too high. I am neutral, I think that should not be worried. "

MII telecom expert Dr. Chen Kai: "should be on 3G, or should be directly on the 4G, or other more advanced techniques, depending on the specific development of individual countries reality, can not be generalized. From the current 3G human, material and financial input of view, it seems unlikely to bypass 3G. If you do a bold assumption that China has now decided not on the 3G, who have paid all responsibility? "

Tsinghua University Professor Gao Xudong: "Technology development, especially in technical applications have continuity, we can not be compared directly to stride from the primitive communist society. Therefore, the development of 3G is necessary, even essential, not because of better technology in the future there will not be on 3G. "

Institute of CATR new communication and information technology, vice president of new business research Zheng Youqiang: "Mobile WIMAX and 3G business has some overlap, but the business does not mean that the two technologies overlap completely alternative relationship. Now , can bring more speed 3G standard HSDPA, EVDO which is being implemented, I believe they will give a speed 3G. "


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High-quality C + + / C Programming Guide - Chapter 5 constant

Chapter 5 constant
Constant is an identifier, its value is constant during operation. C language defined using # define constants (called macro constant). C + + language in addition to # define const outside can also be used to define the constants (known as constants const).

5.1 Why do we need constant
If you do not use constants directly in the program fill in numeric or string, there will be any trouble?

(1) readability (intelligibility) worse. The programmer to forget what the numbers mean, or string, the user is more I do not know where they come from, that what.

(2) in many parts of the program enter the same number or a string, be sure to write the error does not occur.

(3) If you want to modify the number or string will be changed in many places, cumbersome and prone to error.

Rule 5-1-1銆?銆恗ake full use of the constant for the intuitive meaning of those who will appear many times in the program number or string.

For example:

# DefineMAX100 / * C language macro constants * /

constintMAX = 100; / / C + + language, the constant const

constfloatPI = 3.14159; / / C + + language, the constant const

5.2const comparison with the # define
C + + language you can use const to define the constants can also be defined using # define constants. But the former than the latter have more advantages:

(1) const constant with data types, but there is no macro data type constant. Compiler can be carried out on the former type of security check. While the latter only for character replacement, there is no type of security check, and replace characters may produce unexpected errors (marginal effects).

(2) Some integrated debugging tools for debugging on the const constant, but can not debug the macro constants.

5-2-1銆?銆恟ules in C + + program to use only const constant constants instead of macros, or completely replace the macro const constant constants.

5.3 Constants defined rules
5-3-1銆?銆恟ules open to the public's constant need to put a header file, do not open to the public of the constants in the definition file in the head. For management purposes, different modules can be stored in a constant concentration of public header file.

Rule 5-3-2銆?銆怚f a constant with other constants are closely related, should be included in the definition of this relationship, and not give some isolated values.

For example:

constfloatRADIUS = 100;

constfloatDIAMETER = RADIUS * 2;

5.4 class constants
Sometimes we hope that some of the constants is only valid in the class. Because # define macros defined constants are global and can not achieve their goals, so take it for granted that modify const data members should be achieved. const data member is indeed exists, but its meaning is not what we expect. const data members only during the lifetime of an object is constant, but in terms of the whole class is variable, because the class can create multiple objects, different object const data member whose value can be different.

In the class declaration can not initialize const data members. The following usage is wrong because the class object is not created, the compiler does not know what the value of SIZE.



constintSIZE = 100; / / error, attempt to initialize the const declaration in the class data members

intarray [SIZE]; / / error, unknown SIZE


const data member initialization can only be in the class constructor initializes the table, for example



A (intsize); / / Constructor



A:: A (intsize): SIZE (size) / / constructor initialization list




Aa (100); / / object a, SIZE value of 100

Ab (200); / / object b of the SIZE value of 200

How can we build in the entire class are a constant constant it? Do not expect const data members, and should use class enumeration constants to achieve. Such as



enum (SIZE1 = 100, SIZE2 = 200); / / enumeration constant

intarray1 [SIZE1];

intarray2 [SIZE2];


Enumeration constants will not take up storage space object, they are all evaluated at compile time. Enumeration constant drawback is: it's implicit data type is an integer, its maximum value is limited, and can not be said that floating-point (such as PI = 3.14159).


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Multimedia effect is good, but not indiscriminate

S-jun is to teach law at a university, a young teacher, preparing lessons seriously because of his thick foundation coupled with professional, so popular with college students teach. But now it is one thing but plagued with: that the department requires that all courses have to produce multimedia courseware, or not to the podium. S Jun grumbled, said: "multimedia courseware is not difficult for me. But I personally think that some courses may not apply to such means. For example, I teach the contents of the large number of legal provisions need to be addressed, I do have to collect this a large number of fresh cases and the results can be interpreted very clear about the effect the production of courseware is hard to say. "
Words fall caused the author's some thought.

Now in college, making a growing tendency to Multimedia class, the university's courseware competition are well underway. This is undoubtedly the use of modern technology to promote university education means, the use of sound, light, maps, text and other information elements to stimulate the brain and then teach the students new knowledge is beneficial.

But many universities have been "cut" to require all courses to use multimedia teaching and radical rejection of traditional teaching methods. After some investigation, I think this is wrong. Reasons summarized as follows

First, the use of multimedia courseware in a variety of visual, auditory, profile undoubtedly has its excellent irreplaceable, but because of its speed and can operate in kaleidoscope, in some areas there is a kind of foggy for changing course unpredictable feel. Particularly the relatively weak basis for some students, since its about time seems too short and flip so much less time for students to take notes, so rational and systematic in the article are more a lack of respect.

Second, because teachers need to continue to operate a computer about, and therefore the interaction with the student's communication is not sufficient. Needless to say, school teachers, in large part requires constant interaction and communication with students. Many experienced senior teachers is fine for each observation of students master the knowledge behind the knowledge of its true condition. And this interaction is essential for every teacher.

Third, the use of some large amount of text or numbers of courses, such as law, mathematics, its content was doomed to be the use of concepts, judgments, logic and reasoning to express, if also solely emphasizing the use of courseware to teach the times it becomes a matter The power half, the effect probably will not very good.

In summary, although the university on behalf of teaching with multimedia courseware for higher education in modern high-tech fashion trend, but in practical application, but also on the spirit of "seeking truth from facts" approach, according to local conditions, because of course the system should, the people desirable, but not indiscriminate, but should not be rude to "cut" in order to better achieve traditional teaching methods and the complementary advantages of modern technology, and then complement each other.

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